A teen’s job is to transition into an adult. This is a complex task, which often brings emotional turmoil. During this time, teens have the daunting task of learning to balance their own emotions.

Emotions lead to behaviour. Because teens are still learning to manage their emotions, they can be vulnerable to making undesirable behaviour choices:


alcohol abuse, illicit drug taking, smoking, harmful eating patterns, aggression, violence, self harm, suicide attempt


The problem is, these behaviours work by providing temporary relief of emotional pain, so they are reinforced and more likely to be repeated.

But short term strategies are not always so great in the long term.


And that’s where you, as a parent or guardian, can help.


Maya will be running a series of parents workshops in Perth, Western Australia, from July to October 2016. During these workshops parents will learn:

– what are emotions?

– why are emotions important?

– how to help your teen manage excessive emotionality

– how to help your teen decrease unhelpful coping behaviours

– how to help your teen increase helpful coping behaviours


2016 Workshop information: 

1-3pm at St Catherine’s College, The University of Western Australia, Perth.

Dates: 30 July, 13 August, 27 August, 8 October, 15 October, 22 October.

Attendance is $175 per person, or $300 per couple.  Afternoon tea included.


Places are strictly limited so BOOK now to secure your place.

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