Do I need a referral?

No.  You have a number of options:

If you would like a Medicare rebate then ask your GP for a referral – if you are Medicare registered then you are eligible for up to 20 individual sessions per calendar year.  The rebate at the moment is $128.40 per session for a standard consultation.

You could approach your private health fund, the rebate would depend on your health fund and your level of cover.

You could pay privately, without the benefit of any rebates.


How many sessions will I need?

This is a tricky one to answer.  Most clients would be seen over the course of 6-12 sessions.  Some clients have long standing issues or issues that originated in childhood and such clients may require more assistance, but even here 10-20 sessions can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life.


How does the payment process work?

In all cases, please pay the session fee on or before the date of the session.  A receipt will then be issued.  This receipt will be valid for Medicare or private health fund purposes.  Payment can be made in cash, by cheque (“mindSMART Pty Ltd”) or our preferred method is via direct bank transfer.


What happens in a session?

The first one or two sessions are about getting to know one another, and for Maya to specifically identify your concern and your goals for therapy.  Maya will recommend a course of action – a therapy strategy that is well supported by research – and if you agree then that is what we do in ensuing sessions.


What is the client’s role?

This is a collaborative process!!  I can’t do it without you!!  I know a lot about psychology, and you know a lot about you, and both these areas of expertise are vital components to a successful therapy process.  I will inform you about the problem you describe, I will take you through the therapy approach step by step.  You will apply the strategies during the week, and then come back to me the following week to tell me how your life is changing. This feedback forms the basis for the session.


When do I know it’s time to stop therapy?

When you’ve reached your therapy goals, it’s time to stop!

Sometimes clients start to find therapy less interesting, and life more interesting, and that’s a wonderful sign that I’m no longer needed…