Life Reviews

Do you want to understand your problem and know what to do about it?

A personalised Life Review is a professional clinical formulation written in an organised, helpful, and easy to understand way.  A clinical formulation is a comprehensive account of a person’s problem; what started it, what contributed to it, what keeps it going, what works, what doesn’t and what to do about it. It is a fundamental part of resolving a person’s problem and without it, treatment is guesswork, not science. This fundamental part of resolving a person’s problem can be hurried or skipped entirely due to time and/or money constraints, or lack of training of the therapist.  An experienced and qualified Clinical Psychologist understands the importance of a well thought out formulation.  If you haven’t fully understood the problem, how can you adequately resolve it?

Maya now offers a Life Review service to all clients, including those living in remote and rural areas (via FaceTime or Skype). You meet with Maya on three occasions. The first two sessions are assessment based, and the third session is in the form of a comprehensive explanation of your problem.  You will take home with you a written synopsis that is individual to you.

Once you have a written and personalised Life Review, you can do with it as you please. It is useful for you to understand what is going on for you and you can then seek help in the form of therapy, self help books or other resource. Or you can just understand yourself and what makes you tick. 

Once you have a map of YOU, you can go anywhere you choose.